Treatment Process of CyberKnife

Often patients are confused about the line of treatment they should go for. They are skeptical, nervous and scared about the CyberKnife screening and treatment process. This is where the need for right consultation comes into the view.

  • After a thorough examination and analysis of the patient’s health, clinical research, previous medical history consultation and other miscellaneous elements, our physicians at Medanta determine whether a patient is eligible for CyberKnife treatment or not.
  • As a cancer patient, you deserve to understand the facts and tacts of CyberKnife process. Therefore, we take the approach to help and make you understand the things from our vast pool of patient-friendly resources that include all patient information modules like FAQ sessions, website, clinical research studies, success stories of cancer survivors and much more.
  • It is the best so far patient-friendly system in the history of cancer cure and care.
  • CyberKnife is not just safe and reliable, but is also within your budget.
  • It is meant for patients who need a non-surgical alternative. This intelligent system follows a ‘no cut” approach, ensuring your comfort and health.