Day of Treatment

Precautions needed to be taken by a patient while undergoing the CyberKnife treatment :
Do's   Don'ts 
The patient needs to be in a relaxed state of mind. He should have had a sound sleep the night before the treatment session. There is no need to panic as treatment will be delivered without the use of anaesthesia and there will not be any pain or bleeding.  It is not advisable to bring small children to the hospital unless it is highly imperative.
For resolving any query, the patient needs to call on the given helpline numbers or Medanta board number. Do not apply any external cream, powder or moisturizer over the area of treatment on the body during the treatment days without prior consultation of the doctor.
The patient needs to continue with all previous and newly prescribed  medicines by the doctors unless specifically instructed to do otherwise. Do not come alone for the treatment session. A family member should always be accompanied along.
Meals should be taken as per usual routine. There should be no change in schedule owing to the treatment. One should take plenty of fluids during treatment unless specifically instructed to do otherwise. Having meals 1-1.5 hours before the treatment schedule makes the patient feel better and there is no sensation of nausea or vomiting fuelled by anxiety. Do not compare yourself with every care/patient that you might meet while in Radiation department. Each and every care is different and so is the treatment schedule/effects and side effects. In case of any doubts talk to your physician and have faith in your treatment. 
Medications and instructions need to be followed as per the specifications of the treatment. Do not conceal additional treatments/medications if being taken while on treatment. As physicians, we must be aware of all your present medications etc. to make out any adverse affect that may hamper your present treatment.
The patient must ready himself for undergoing the treatment session which may last for around 30 to 1.5 minutes. Do not continue to smoke/consume alcohol daily or after radiation.
Family members accompanying the patients are requested to wait in the waiting area as they are not allowed inside the treatment room. Patient is well attended by doctors, nurses and technical staff and a sincere effort is made to attend to all their the requirements. Do not miss your treatments until unless unavoidable. Do inform the physician/staff in case you have any problems that can be sorted out or requires adjustments to be made.
One can lead a normal daily life after a treatment session as there are no fears of carrying the effects of the radiation home. Normal activities like meeting people, playing with children and having one’s routine diet can be carried out without any fear. Many patients continue their office/scheduled work while on treatment.    
Follow the post-treatment instructions carefully.    
Confirm the next date of treatment and time schedule before leaving.    
When back at home in case of any problem, complications/doubts you can call on helpline numbers for assistance.