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How does it work

CyberKnife VSI gives patient new hopes for treatment of tumours previously labeled as untreatable. As mentioned earlier, the CyberKnife VSI uses precise beams of Radiation, that can be directed to any part of the body from any direction, via a robotic arm.

Team work - Once a specialist confirms the eligibility of the patient for CyberKnife VSI treatment, a team of Oncologists including Radiation, Surgery, Medical, Therapeutics and support staff get ready to evaluate the pre-and post-treatment procedure, diagnostics, plan the treatment and care and other miscellaneous things.

Treatment setup and procedure - Once the treatment/recovery map is ready, a series of events take place in the form of fiducial placement, setup and imaging, treatment planning and then treatment.

CyberKnife VSI working - Featuring a LINAC (Lightweight Linear Accelerator), which is attached to a Robotic arm, CyberKnife VSI moves accordingly to the patient position and targets the tumour from different angles, thereby taking X-ray images, tracking it in the real time and releasing high doses of radioactive beams to kill it. This ensures an 'ncision less' experience and successful removal of the tumour.

Recovery - Post-treatment, the patient undergoes an extensive process of recovery to heal faster and get back to life and work as soon as possible. No scar is the policy that CyberKnife VSI delivers to patients.