Initial Steps

The patients are encouraged to follow the following steps before the treatment as this will help in getting through the day and add meaning to the day.

Step 1
Patient needs to report to the hospital reception. Medanta - Hospital Reception
Step 2
Front desk executive initiates a general enquiry for the purpose of present visit to the hospital and help him guide to the concerned speciality/ doctor.  Medanta - Front Desk Executive
Step 3
Patient reports to the concerned doctor’s and the doctor goes through the patient’s case history and relevant documents. Medanta - Attending Physician
Step 4
After intial OPD evaluation, further management possible is discussed and all possible queries are answered by the attending physician.
Step 5
CyberKnife treatment is usually done as outpatient as its is a non invasive treatment. However for initial planning purpose or as per need of the patient, admission may be advised. Medanta - CyberKnife Treatment
Step 6
If admission is being planned, necessary formalities regarding date/ prcedure and necessary documentations are provided for the same. Medanta - Necessary Formalities
Step 7
A patient is admitted to the hospital by prior appointment only except in cases of emergencies. This will be recommended by the specialist during the patient's outpatient consultation.
Step 8
Before admission, the patient is informed about the treatment package by the front desk executive which includes the following details:
›› Estimated bill size.
›› The duration of the hospital stay.
›› Various modes of payment accepted.
›› Documents to bring on day of admission.
Medanta - Treatment Package
Step 9
A 24 hrs helpline number is provided by the attending staff and physician for any queries or doubts for future, related to the procedure or treatment. Medanta - 24 hrs Helpline Number