Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology in IndiaMedical Oncology refers to the comprehensive diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors through drug combinations and multi disciplinary approaches involving radiation and surgical  oncologies. Types of cancer that can be treated under this branch include Breast, Lung, Brain, Thyroid and inherited cancers among the others.

The Division of Medical Oncology and Haemotology at Medanta Cancer Institute provides the specialised and multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of aforesaid cancer types. The line of treatment and techniques that the institute uses include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy and monoclonal antibody among others. This type of treatment is often painless and since no surgical treatment is involved is incision-less also. The institute provides a one-stop-solution for cancer diagnosis and treatment including evaluation, fiducial placement, imaging, treatment planning, recovery and prevention for complete cancer removal to help patients live life normally.

Medanta Cancer Institute is dedicated to help patients provide with the best-in-class yet affordable cancer care and services. The services provided to our patients help them to lead a healthy life.