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A Team Approach to Patient Care

The Medanta CyberKnife team includes the region’s most knowledgeable and dedicated cancer specialists. Our centre uses a team approach in which our medical experts collaborate to develop a customized treatment plan for your specific case. Team members may include a Surgeon, Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist, Medical Physicist, Nurse, Radiation Therapist and other experts at our centre. Most patients need between one and five individual sessions.

Getting Started

To begin the process of determining whether you are a candidate for CyberKnife treatment, please call us to consult and we will talk to you about your diagnosis.

Based on the initial conversation, we will schedule a personal consultation within the following two to four days. You will meet with our physician team and a decision will be made on whether CyberKnife treatment is right for you. We will guide you through the remaining treatment process and coordinate every aspect of your care.


We are located on the lower ground floor of our building. When you enter the building, you will be on the upper ground area and will need to take the set of elevators to the LG floor. We also have wheel chair assistance for the patients at the foyer area.