Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology in MedantaRadiation Oncology is an advanced branch of modern cancer treatment, which is painless, incision less and preventive. The branch deals with the painless cancer treatment by using the high-dose radioactive rays, also known as X-rays. Radiation Oncology, often abbreviated as RT, RTx or XRT, involves the medical use of ionizing radiation to control or kill malignant cells without inflicting a cut in the body. Different types of cancers including Breast, Rectal, Lung and many more are treated under Radiation Oncology.

Headed by Dr. Tejinder Kataria, the Division of Radiation Oncology constitutes of the most contemporary and innovative radiosurgery techniques including CyberKnife VSI, Robotic Radiosurgery, Synergy-S, Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT), IGRT, SBRT/SRS, IMRT, XVI, CT Scan, PET-CT. The division has an Integrated Brachytherapy Unit for pre and post operation treatments for cancer cervix and soft tissue sarcomas along with prostate seed implants to extend ultimate conformal radiation for early tumors or as a boost along with external beam treatment.

The division provides a one-stop-solution for  cancer diagnosis and treatment including evaluation, fiducial placement, imaging, treatment planning, treatment and recovery for complete cancer removal.
Medanta Cancer Institute is the pioneer of using CyberKnife VSI in India. CyberKnife VSI, introduced in 2010 by Medanta Cancer Institute, is the painless, incision less alternative to surgery for both cancerous and non cancerous tumors.  Intended for Stereotactic Robotic Radiotherapies, the CyberKnife VSI is the most advanced robotic arm that offers real-time detection and tracking of cancers.

The CyberKnife VSI system helps eliminate complexities in treatment planning, cancer location and motion.  It delivers a painless and scarless experience to patients. The outpatient procedure with little or no recovery time allows for an immediate return to normal activities, constantly curing tumor and patient movement throughout procedures, allowing patients to feel comfortable during treatment.

Medanta Cancer Institute is the first institute in North India to introduce the concept and practices of CyberKnife VSI system for patients' treatment and comfort. Medanta Cancer Institute is dedicated to help patients provide with the best-in-class yet affordable diagnostics, treatment, recovery, prevention and patient-friendly services. The services provided to our patients helps them to lead a healthy life.