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Why choose CyberKnife VSI

The CyberKnife is the world’s first and only commercial application of Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Tumors and Lesions throughout the body. It offers important Cancer-treatment options, especially for patients with inoperable or surgically complex tumours or those who seek an alternative to conventional surgery or Radiation Therapy. Because treatment with CyberKnife does not require incisions or anaesthesia, there is also much less risk for complications than Conventional Surgery.

CyberKnife offers several benefits for patients, particularly in regard to quality of life issues that may be dramatically impacted by Conventional Surgery.

Being the latest and safest technology in the cancer care and management, CyberKnife holds an edge above other technologies such as Gamma Knife, Traditional Radiotherapy, Proton, Linac Steriotactic Surgery.

CyberKnife VSI is an upgraded version of CyberKnife, which has advanced features as follows:
CyberKnife VSI is the more advanced version of the CyberKnife system. It has been designed to extend the advantages of SBRT/SRS to fractionated highly precise Radiation Therapy with Robotic IMRT. This latest CyberKnife VSI version features a cutting-edge 1,000 MU/minute X-band linear accelerator that helps provide advanced visualization, automated segmentation and logical workflow and customized capabilities, and expand the treatment options for cancer patients. This revolutionary version has the capability of delivering time-demanding treatments without compromising on the patient comfort and the throughput of the department.

Below are some features of CyberKnife VSI:

Imaging Quality:
  VSI has better real time imaging as compared to older version, where frequent imaging as needed cannot be done. It is thus providing better quality of real time imaging and verifications, specially for Adbomen and Pelvic cases.
It has a LOT (Lung Optimized Therapy):
  It is a specialised update that allows to account for Lung treatments where effectively the tumour motion can be tracked and system is more skilled to treat such tumours even without placing gold seeds as might be required as compulsion for older versions of machine.
Inbuild Iris:
  Automated field aperture manipulation that allows treatment of all ranges of tumour size without manually changing the treatment heads every time. It saves on treatment time and also can improve the dose planning quality.
Dose Rate:
  VSI has higher dose rate that improves quality and also treatment time as compared to older versions.
Advanced optimisation in treatment planning:
  VSI has better planning software that helps in improving the quality of final plan and thus better Radiation outcomes.